Valencia letourneuxi

Long time no see – that’s why I wanted to share with you a shot of what I think is one the most intriguing European freshwater fishes. The photo shows two males of the Greek endemic and unfortunately also critically endangered killifish Valencia letourneuxi. If you thought the European freshwater fauna is drab and dull, … [Read more…]

Economidichthys pygmaeus offspring

This is a shot of an ~18 days old Economidichthys pygmaeus larva. While I didn’t spend much time post-processing the photo, I’m kind of proud that it still turned out quite nicely, especially given the fact that this little fishlet is merely a few millimeters in size. It was taken with an old manual focus … [Read more…]

Economidichthys pygmaeus

This is a courting male of Economidichthys pygmaeus, a tiny freshwater species of the sand-goby complex. This Greek endemic prefers broken reed stems for spawning. I also took some video footage of the courtship and spawning, so if anyone’s interested, I could post it here as well.

Monolistra pretneri, an aquatic cave isopod

Did you know that Europe is extraordinarily rich in cave fauna? Particularly the Dinaric Karst of the Western Balkans is ranked high among the global hotspots of hypogean biodiversity. Everyone knows the Olm, Proteus anguinus, a highly adapted troglobiontic amphibian species endemic to this area. But there’s an incredible number of other cave-dwellers, most of … [Read more…]

When I grow up…

…I wanna be pretty. Well, that’s what they are now. I really have to set up a dedicated photo tank somewhen, all those snails in the photos are distracting.

Obesogammarus obesus, the honey badger scud

I got to tell you about a very special critter that has come to be a favorite of mine recently. As those familiar with the topic will know, some neogobiine fish species lately have been making their “escape from the Ponto-Caspian”, as Matthew Neilson and Carol Stepien put it. Facilitated by intense ship traffic and … [Read more…]

Rhinogobius rubromaculatus update

My Rhinogobius rubromaculatus youngsters that hatched in August are about two and a half months old now and have grown quite a lot since their early days. At least one other person in Germany has successfully bred them now and it seems they’re totally unproblematic in just about every aspect. My bunch even takes pellet … [Read more…]

Padogobius bonelli

Just a quick shot of a Padogobius bonelli from the Tiber drainage in Umbria, Italy, where the species was introduced probably 15 years ago and now threatens the endemic populations of its congener, Padogobius nigricans. The photo shows a juvenile female already sporting a fashionable stripe pattern that not every individual exhibits.

Breeding Mogurnda cingulata

Here’s a little video of my breeding pair of Mogurnda cingulata (M. sp. “Fruata”). The reason I’m putting this up here is that the female exhibits a strange behaviour I haven’t read about before: While the male keeps up his normal job of sticking closely to the eggs, defending and fanning them as well as … [Read more…]

Rhinogobius rubromaculatus

Meanwhile, I’m back in Vienna. During the last week I spent in Munich, a bunch of Rhinogobius rubromaculatus fry hatched from a spawn that I hadn’t even noticed, so I was really surprised when I discovered the first youngster hopping around among the adults. The offspring is probably a little over 3 weeks old now … [Read more…]