Mogurnda cingulata

Mogurnda cingulata (M. sp. 'Fruata')

This Mogurnda species (family Eleotridae) was collected in 1999 by Heiko Bleher near the village of Fruata on the Vogelkop peninsula in West Papua (New Guinea). It has since then been floating around in some enthusiasts’ aquaria as Mogurnda sp. “Fruata”, and while its meristics and colouration seem to match Mogurnda cingulata in most aspects, I am not sure if anyone has really had a deep look into this issue yet.

Like all Mogurnda, this is a predatory species, reaching up to 15cm total length and feeding on almost anything it can get a hold of (except vegetable matter). The courtship behaviour is an amazing display and in combination with the striking coloration and bully habitus makes this one of my all-time favorite freshwater gobies. It spawns readily in the aquarium and the fry are easy to raise, as they hatch at a comparatively large size and soon accept brine shrimp nauplii.