Fish species

Neogobius gymnotrachelus, a neogobiine species from the Ponto-Caspian and recent invader of Austrian waterways

Ever since, I have been fascinated by gobiiform fish, especially those belonging to the families Gobiidae (true gobies) or Eleotridae (sleeper gobies or gudgeons), and in recent years I have kept several species in my aquaria and developed a more scientific interest in these fish. While most goby species are marine dwellers, still quite a few have adapted entirely or at least partly to a freshwater lifestyle. Since I’m primarily a freshwater guy, I mainly want to discuss some species here that spend all or at least their adult life stages in freshwater.

And as gobies are not everything, or, well, at least as other families have nice fish too, I might also deal with some other oddball fishes I find worth mentioning.