Breeding Mogurnda cingulata

Here’s a little video of my breeding pair of Mogurnda cingulata (M. sp. “Fruata”). The reason I’m putting this up here is that the female exhibits a strange behaviour I haven’t read about before: While the male keeps up his normal job of sticking closely to the eggs, defending and fanning them as well as removing fungused ones, the female still isn’t chased away. Note that the video was shot about 30 hours after the spawning had been finished. She keeps displaying towards the male, even seeking closer contact, without any agonistic behaviour shown by the male. If you observe closely, it actually seems as if she was assisting the male in defending their spawning territory. At least to me, observing this striking behaviour quite reminescent of cichlids, with the female seemingly playing an active part in parental care, was somewhat confusing, but I’m still trying to evaluate if I’m interpreting this behaviour correctly. If anyone has made interesting observations on this, may it be on this or any other Mogurnda species or other eleotrid, I’d be glad to have some feedback.

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