Rhinogobius rubromaculatus

Meanwhile, I’m back in Vienna. During the last week I spent in Munich, a bunch of Rhinogobius rubromaculatus fry hatched from a spawn that I hadn’t even noticed, so I was really surprised when I discovered the first youngster hopping around among the adults. The offspring is probably a little over 3 weeks old now and they’re growing pretty fast at the moment. They’re consuming loads of Artemia-nauplii and they’re also really quarrelsome, constantly displaying towards and chasing around each other. Note that this behaviour started when they were just a few days old and hardly visible in the tank. They’re real little fighters.

Here’s two photos so you get an impression of what they look like right now – with Artemia-filled bellies.

Rhinogobius rubromaculatus
Rhinogobius rubromaculatus and Theodoxus sp.

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