About the author

Born 1981 in Dortmund, Germany, I’m currently dwelling in Austria’s fine capital of Vienna, working on my master’s thesis on genetic and morphologic variation within the freshwater goby genus Padogobius. I’m an active aquarist with special interest most notably in Gobiidae, Eleotridae and Poeciliidae fish families, the European freshwater fish fauna, but likewise crustaceans, molluscs and others. Since recently, I’m working at aqua-terra zoo “Haus des Meeres” in Vienna, where I’m (among other duties) co-responsible for maintaining a captive-breeding programme for endangered freshwater fish of the family Goodeidae from Mexico.

That said, after all this site is really just my very personal account of trying to find an outlet for the these days seemingly so common need for letting the whole world know what one is doing and thinking. Should you feel like sharing information or chatting about common topics of interest, you’re free to contact me any time via eMail at paul (at) inorganic.de or just drop me a comment here.

Some words of gratitude are due to Nils Cordes, who did the drawing of the bumblebee-goby for the site’s logo, and Catarina Yamamoto for her slick MyJournal wordpress theme, which this site’s layout is built upon.